Auto Loans Even if Bad Payers: How to get them?

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For many years the purchase of a car is combined with the requests for car loans . Most car dealerships or saloons are affiliated with financial companies (eg Findomestic , Compass , Agos or Unicredit ).

In some cases they are the same manufacturers, thanks to their direct financial, for example, Fiat auto finance , Finanziaria BMW , Finanziaria Mercedes to offer its customers financing solutions dedicated to the purchase of their cars.

Some customers, relying on the retailer, can find an unpleasant surprise, the refusal of their request for car financing and so they see their dream vanish. Fortunately, there are solutions dedicated to employees and pensioners. Auto Shrek loans offer favorable conditions, excellent rates , immediate response times, simplicity and immediacy, light payment, up to 120 months .

Let’s see now what possible solutions are available to those who are reported in the database for late payment . If you do not find an answer to your doubts, write us a comment in the dedicated space . You will find, under this article, a box where you can bring your question. The answer will be timely ( free service ).

Auto Loans Reported Crif: how to do?

Obtaining loans for car purchase , if reported in the database as a bad payer is not easy, but there are financing formulas that still grant access to credit. The purchase of the car can take place:

  • through dealership , dealer or car salon
  • from a private person

Generally those who turn to the dealership, for convenience of interest rate or in any case for a specific offer of the manufacturer (for example Fiat, Renault, BMW, Audi), requires auto-targeted loans , but if badly paid the result will not be positive. So what are the solutions dedicated to bad payers for the purchase of their car?

Let’s analyze the various opportunities together. The auto loan products are:

  • Transfer of the fifth (not finalized)
  • Payment delegation (not finalized)
  • Loan changed

The transfer of the fifth is a loan dedicated to employees, hired for an indefinite period, and pensioners. The payment proxy can be requested only if hired as employees with permanent contracts, thus excluding the retired category.

On the other hand, a loan that has been converted is a formula designed only for employees of private companies (ie no state employees or public servants). More precisely, an employee of one can apply for an approved loan:

  • Spa
  • Srl
  • Sas
  • Snc
  • Individual company

Online Auto Funding: How to pay the dealer?

The provision of the personal loan by assignment of the fifth , delegation of payment and / or loan with bill of exchange , takes place directly on the customer’s current account. It will therefore be responsible for paying the sum agreed in favor of the car dealership with which it will complete the sale. Unlike finalized loans , where the financial company will pay the amount decided directly on the dealership’s account, with these types of loans, the lending institution will credit the amount directly to the customer’s current account.

It will then be the latter to decide how to invest his money , whether to spend all the amount paid or if part of it, holding back for a difference in liquidity.

Car purchase loan: can I request it if I buy from private?

Absolutely yes. The transfer of the fifth and the delegation of payment and the loan changed, as mentioned in the previous point, are personal loans in all respects. With the liquidity obtained, the client can manage his own money as he sees fit. It may also require an amount greater than the value of the car without having to justify how it will handle all the liquidity.